Department of Numerical Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University

A Posteriori Optimization of Parameters in the SUPG Method for Higher Degree FE Spaces

  • ID: 2699, RIV: 10314795
  • ISSN: 1439-7358, ISBN: 978-3-319-25725-9
  • source: Boundary and Interior Layers, Computational and Asymptotic Methods - BAIL 2014
  • keywords: Posteriori; Optimization; Parameters; SUPG; Method; Higher; Degree; Spaces; FEniCS; adaptive; methods; adaptivity;
  • authors: Petr Lukáš
  • authors from KNM: Lukáš Petr, Knobloch Petr


This paper is devoted to the numerical solution of the scalar convection- diffusion-reaction equation. We present new results of the adaptive technique for computing the stabilization parameter τ in the streamline upwind/Petrov-Galerkin (SUPG) method based on minimizing the value of a functional called error indicator. Particularly, we present results for conforming finite element spaces up to the order 5 with the parameter tau from the piecewise discontinuous finite element spaces, also up to the order 5.