Department of Numerical Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University

Anisotropic hp-adaptive method based on interpolation error estimates in the L-q-norm

  • ID: 2662, RIV: 10272215
  • ISSN: 0168-9274, ISBN: not specified
  • source: Applied Numerical Mathematics
  • keywords: Anisotropic hp-adaptive method; interpolation error estimates;
  • authors: Vít Dolejší
  • authors from KNM: Dolejší Vít


We present a new anisotropic $hp$-adaptive technique, which can be employed for the numerical solution of various scientific and engineering problems governed by partial differential equations in 2D with the aid of a discontinuous piecewise polynomial approximation. This method generates anisotropic triangular grids and the corresponding polynomial approximation degrees based on the minimization of the interpolation error in the $L^q$-norm. We develop the theoretical background of this approach and present several numerical examples demonstrating the efficiency of the anisotropic adaptive strategy.