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Improved stability and error analysis for a class of local projection stabilizations applied to the Oseen problem

  • ID: 2619, RIV: 10104796
  • ISSN: 0749-159X, ISBN: neuvedeno
  • zdroj: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  • klíčová slova: finite element method; local projection; Oseen problem; stability; error estimates
  • autoři: Petr Knobloch, Lutz Tobiska
  • autoři z KNM: Knobloch Petr


We consider a class of local projection stabilizations with projection spaces defined on (possibly) overlapping sets applied to the Oseen problem. We prove that the underlying bilinear form satisfies an inf-sup condition with respect to a stronger norm than coercivity suggests. A modification of the stabilization of the convection allows an optimal estimation of the consistency error. A priori estimates in the stronger norm and in the L2 norm for the pressure are established. Discontinuous pressure approximations are included in the analysis.