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A posteriori optimization of parameters in stabilized methods for convection-diffusion problems - Part I

  • ID: 2617, RIV: 10104793
  • ISSN: 0045-7825, ISBN: not specified
  • source: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
  • keywords: stabilized finite element methods; parameter optimization; SUPG method
  • authors: Volker John, Petr Knobloch, Simona B. Savescu
  • authors from KNM: Knobloch Petr


Stabilized finite element methods for convection-dominated problems require the choice of appropriate stabilization parameters. From numerical analysis, often only their asymptotic values are known. This paper presents a general framework for optimizing stabilization parameters with respect to the minimization of a target functional. Exemplarily, this framework is applied to the SUPG finite element method and the minimization of a residual-based error estimator, an error indicator, and a functional including the crosswind derivative of the computed solution. Benefits of the basic approach are demonstrated by means of numerical results.