Department of Numerical Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University

Numerical simulation of airfoil vibrations induced by compressible flow

  • ID: 2465, RIV: 10051857
  • ISSN: not specified, ISBN: 978-0-7354-0831-9
  • source: International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics ICNAAM 2010
  • keywords: flow induced vibrations; compressible flow; discontinuous Galerkin method
  • authors: Miloslav Feistauer, Václav Kučera, Petr Šimánek
  • authors from KNM: Feistauer Miloslav, Kučera Václav


The paper is concerned with the numerical solution of interaction of compressible flow and a vibrating airfoil with two degrees of freedom, which can rotate around an elastic axis and oscillate in the vertical direction. Compressible flow is described by the Euler or Navier-Stokes equations written in the ALE form. This system is discretized by the semi-implicit discontinuous Galerkin finite element method (DGFEM) and coupled with the solution of ordinary differential equations describing the airfoil motion. Computational results showing the flow induced airfoil vibrations are presented.