Department of Numerical Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University

Modelling of the airflow through vocal folds

  • ID: 2432, RIV: 10051851
  • ISSN: not specified, ISBN: 978-80-87136-07-2
  • source: Seminar on Numerical Analysis and Winter School
  • keywords: discontinuous Galerkin; airflow through vocal folds; ALE method
  • authors: Jaroslava Prokopová, Miloslav Feistauer, Václav Kučera, Jaromír Horáček
  • authors from KNM: Feistauer Miloslav, Strakoš Zdeněk, Kučera Václav


The simulation of compressible flow in time dependent domains plays an important role in several areas of human activities, for example development of aircrafts and turbines, civil engineering, car industry or medicine. The presented work introduces implementation of numerical techniques like the ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) methods and the discontinous Galerkin finite element methods in these domains and creates the bases of the further work in the direction of fluid-structure interaction. We are specially interested in the medical apllications of this type of problem. For this reason the problem of the airflow through vocal folds is treated.