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Towards Adaptive Methods for the Modelling of the Compressible Flows

  • ID: 2342, RIV: 10033051
  • ISSN: not specified, ISBN: not specified
  • source: Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics
  • keywords: Towards; Adaptive; Methods; Modelling; Compressible; Flows
  • authors: Jiří Felcman, Vít Dolejší, Miloslav Feistauer
  • authors from KNM: Dolejší Vít, Felcman Jiří, Feistauer Miloslav


Two- and three-dimensional adaptation strategy is presented in the context of a piecewise constant finite volume solution of compressible flow. Triangular (tetrahedral), dual and barycentric finite volumes are considered. The original adaptation techniques are classified from the point of view of the constant or linear recovery of the finite volume solution. Applications to physically relevant industrial problems of steady-state transonic flow are presented.